Rev. David Janz - Pastor

Christ United Methodist Church has many active Sunday School classes. They meet between the two church services on Sunday morning.    



Children's Program -
4 years – 4th grade -Our Sunday School begins at 9:30 AM and ends at 10:30 AM. We are currently using the Rotation Model for our program. The central ideas for this program are: Concepts need to be taught several times and through several different methods for real learning to occur. Volunteer teachers are more effective when they can repeat and improve their lesson rather than prepare new material each week.

Our program focuses for several weeks on a single biblical story using a number of lab-style workshops: computer, movie theater, art, games, cooking, puppets, drama, sewing etc… The students rotate each week from workshop to workshop. This method allows children to have more fun while learning and they are retaining more about the Bible.

Check-In and Pick-Up Procedures

We do require that parents with children from 4 years to second grade accompany their children to the classroom. We will also expect the same person dropping off your child to pick up your child, unless stated otherwise at check-in.

5th- 6th grades

This upper elementary group also meets at 9:30 AM and uses age appropriate curriculum that delivers engaging, Biblically rich experiences.    



Agape Class - This class was founded in 1982 with a nucleus of four, which grew to six and then to ten and the numbers kept growing until in 1998, the class split into two groups. We are a mixed group - men, women, married, single, parents, non-parents with a common cornerstone in Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to study and grow spiritually from Bible based lessons so that we are empowered by His Holy Spirit to reach out to whoever God puts into our lives and to go where He directs our paths. We meet socially each month to enjoy each other's fellowship and learn from each other in a less formal setting.
Albright Class - This class was formed in 1956 when the Goodwill Class became so large Rev. Coleman suggested couples over the age of 35 should form a new class called the Albright. Four of the original members are still in the class. The ages run from 65 and up . There are currently 21 members and anyone interested in studying the Bible is welcome.
Christ Ambassadors' Class - A Women's class that has been in existence since around 1940. Evelyn Burchfield has been the teacher for the past 34 years. There are currently 20 members on the active roll and 5 on the honorary roll. The average age of the members is 78. Anyone 59 or over is welcome to join the class. A "Spring Dinner" in May and a "Christmas Dinner" in December are enjoyed by the class. If you are looking for an excellent teacher and a friendly group of ladies, give this class a visit.
Friendship Circle Class - This is one of the older classes of the church. The ages run from 70 and up. There are currently 16 members, mostly singles with 4 couples. Four women teachers take turn on a one month rotation. A monthly meeting is held the second Monday of March through October at 5:00 PM at Kings Family Restaurant.

Gateway Class - This class is comprised of both singles and couples in their twenties, thirties, forties and fifties.  Age is not the common denominator, but rather a commitment to study with the Bible as the central source. Class members are active and volunteer in various capacities in the church.   Past class lessons have included studies on spiritual gifts, worship, Bruce Wilkinson's The Prayer of Jabez, Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven Life, Life Lessons with Max Lucado: The Book of John, and mini-studies on various topics.   The class is presently mid-way through a study on the main characters of the Bible. Members get together occasionally for social events such as holiday parties, game nights, retreats, and other activities.  Visitors are always welcome.

Goodwill Class - This class was formed in 1950. Membership is attained by simply stating a desire to do so. Visitors are always welcome. Members of the class serve as teachers on a rotating basis. Class members are active throughout the entire church program with members serving as teachers and officers in various departments. Each Sunday a portion of the offering is placed in the class treasury for special Christian outreach projects throughout the year. The Mentor Center, DDH Housing, ASP and Seneca Hills Bible Camp are among the numerous Christian outreach projects of the class. The class meets monthly to conduct the business and enjoy Christian fellowship. Annually, a weekend retreat is planned and attended by interested members of the class, usually at Olmstead Manor.
Open Door Class - This class meets in the church library and is comprised of singles and couples of all ages. Class members are given an opportunity to discuss and/or suggest class study material. They also assist with church meals and other church related events. Social events are scheduled throughout the year. "Our door is always open - all are welcome!"

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