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February 10, 2016, 12:00 AM

Wisdom From a Steeler....

Two Sundays ago we enjoyed a visit from Steeler great and four time Super Bowl champion Jon Kolb. It was a wonderful time together as a church, and a special time for me to reconnect with someone from my early years in ministry. Jon’s mom and dad – Paul and Norma Kolb – were part of the very first congregation I served as a pastor. I visited with them in their home, and prayed for them often as Norma struggled with several health issues. As you might expect, Jon would come to visit his parents frequently, and often he would accompany them to church on Sunday morning. I’ll never forget the first Sunday he attended the Nineveh Church. I came in the back door, glanced over the congregation, saw Paul and Norma in their “normal” pew, and then noticed this enormous set of shoulders sitting with them. “Wonder who that is?” I thought to myself. As I walked up to the chancel and turned around to greet the folks, I realized who it was: it was Jon Kolb. He was wearing a white polo shirt with the Steeler emblem on the front – I’ll never forget that moment.

Now you need to understand that I am a diehard Pittsburgh Steeler fan. I grew up during the glory days of the 1970’s when the Steelers won four championships. Jon Kolb played on every one of those teams. To have him sitting in the pew was an INCREDIBLE thing for this wet behind the ears preacher. Jon was a HUGE man in those days. In 1978 he was the fourth strongest man IN THE WORLD! To shake his hand was more like he picked you up from the ground and set you back down simply by his hand in yours. Jon was committed to staying in shape, and no matter how many times I saw him during those years in Greene County, my reaction was always the same: “Wow, that man is huge!”

As the years passed Jon and I lost touch with each other. So when we decided to invite him to spend the weekend with us last month, I was quite excited to see if he was still as big as I remember, especially since he would be well into his 60’s by now. Standing at the back door of the church, I saw him get out of his car and walk toward me. “Well,” I thought, “He’s not quite as tall as I remember, and maybe not quite as ‘buff’ anymore, but those shoulders still give him away.” And when he walked in and took my hand, every bit of the strength I remember in his handshake was still there. “He’s still a big man,” I thought.

What became more apparent as the weekend progressed was that Jon is not only a big man physically – he’s also a big man in his spirit. He talked some about his days with the Steelers - great stories – but he talked the most about his love for God and the relationship he has with Jesus Christ. I will never be a big man physically like Jon is. But I hope and pray my love for God and my relationship with Jesus Christ is every bit as big as his. Jon maintains his physical size and strength through consistent training – even in his 60’s. He would say as important as that workout is, his consistent attention to working out spiritually is even more important. I couldn’t agree more. There is no substitute for daily attention to practicing the means of grace (prayer, Bible reading, worship, fellowship with other Christians, servanthood, and generosity) to grow a big spirit.

Appropriate thoughts for Ash Wednesday – the beginning of Lent 2016. Think on these things, and as always…

Keep Lookin’ Up!
Pastor D.


02-12-2016 at 3:10 AM
You too are a big man with a Jesus. Heart inside of you my friend!
02-12-2016 at 3:10 AM
You too are a big man with a Jesus. Heart inside of you my friend!
02-10-2016 at 9:29 PM
Shelly Weller
Jon has used his "celebrity" status wisely- to talk to people about Jesus. He's a good guy and I always enjoy listening to him.
02-10-2016 at 4:56 PM
Pat Mann
What more can one say other than, Amen and Amen.
02-10-2016 at 3:06 PM
DeWayne B.Greenlee
Thanks for sharing! Back to
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