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October 1, 2014, 8:00 PM

Urgent Things...

I have had writing this blog on my to do list for about three weeks now. When we made the move to this new website I intended to write a new entry at least once a week - twice if possible. But as I type these words it's been almost a full month since I've put anything new on here. I could offer any number of excuses, I suppose - family things, denominational responsibilities, an active and growing church...

But when it comes right down to it, I've simply allowed other things to take precedence over writing. Some of those things undoubtedly could have waited - postponed at the least. But then there are the things that will not - and at times can not - be ignored: persons in crisis, marriages collapsing, families dealing with the death of a loved one, still other families facing serious economic challenges, and the ever present battle with illnesses. These types of things do not come "on schedule" and when they arrive, they are often in the "urgent" category: they require immediate attention, meaning other things have to be laid aside. 

But here's the challenge: the things I often lay aside are the very things that nurture my connection to the One in whom I find wisdom and strength to deal with the urgent matters that come my way. Things like prayer and time in scripture. "God will understand," I tell myself. "After all, I'm doing his work, caring for his people."  And because we serve a God of unlimited and unconditional  grace, he does understand. BUT he usually finds creative ways to remind me that my ability to handle the tyranny of the urgent is absolutely connected to the strength of my connection to him - a connection rooted in and nourished by faithfully practicing the means of grace. 

It comes back to an image we looked at over the summer - a plastic fishing tackle box with multiple compartments. If our God-connection is one of many compartments in our lives, then it becomes easily laid aside for other things, some urgent, but many not so much. But the Bible is pretty clear - our God connection is not to be a compartment of our lives - it is intended to be the box in which all compartments of our lives reside and find their meaning (take a look at Matthew 22:34-40). 

So is your God-connection a life compartment, or is it the box in which your life resides? The answer to that question will have huge impact on how you handle the tyranny of the urgent that finds its way into all of our lives, sooner or later............

Think on these things, and remember...

Keep Lookin' Up!

Pastor D. 


10-02-2014 at 4:32 PM
Pat Mann
Excellent blog. I've found that when the "unexpected" comes into my life, and I deal with it; God rewards me with "unexpected" blessings for tuning in to him. Thanks, Pastor.
10-02-2014 at 6:52 AM
Sharon Chandler
I've been tracking the "visitors" to your blog--folks are reading them!! Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ and the church!!
10-02-2014 at 4:31 AM
Thank you cause I have been doing this a lot lately!!!! Thanks for the insight
10-01-2014 at 10:19 PM
Enjoyed you comments as usual. Keep them coming! God bless.
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