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November 18, 2015, 12:00 AM

The Power in Being Reminded....

Reminders…… I received two of them from the same person today - a member of our staff. I'll highlight the second one first: “it's been awhile since you've posted on the Pastor's blog.” And she is right. Every week writing a blog entry appears on my list of things to accomplish. As you can see from the date of the last entry, it's been a while since I got to that part of my list. I always want to - I have lots of ideas to write about - a journal or two, actually. It just seems that I choose other things over the blog entry. The reminder from my teammate pushed me to write this.


Now the first reminder - it came through the devotional thoughts she shared at our weekly staff prayer time this morning. She directed us to Acts 28. Paul was on his way to Rome under arrest as a criminal. As he approached the city, believers from Rome ran out to meet him, and verse 15 says when he saw them, he gave thanks and was encouraged. Connection to others on the journey of following Jesus gave Paul courage and a reason for joy. My friend reminded me - from Scripture - that we need each other and that God gives us each other as gifts for the journey.


I needed the reminders I received today - God provided them through a person who is walking the road of following Jesus just like I am. I am a person on the road of following Jesus with you as you read this post. What could I remind you of today? Maybe something about God still being in charge, even when things like “Paris” happens? Maybe something about Jesus being Lord over the storm that might be raging in your life right now? Maybe something about finding time in the next week or so to really take stock of the blessings in your life, and give thanks to the Source of all good things?


And reminders…. give thanks for the ways…...and the people......God uses to push us a little…….


One more reminder……


Keep Lookin’ Up!

Pastor D.



11-25-2015 at 11:51 AM
DeWayne & Joyce Greenlee
Happy Thanksgiving! Blessing to you and your family.
11-19-2015 at 8:28 AM
Thank you!
11-18-2015 at 10:17 AM
Pat Mann
An hour or so ago, I read this and as I've reflected on what you wrote, here is what the Lord brought to my mind. Accountability and responsibility and partnering with another, as "iron sharpen's iron." I am blessed to have someone as such sharing the journey with me. Thanks for sharing. Be blessed.
11-18-2015 at 8:48 AM
Beth Stanish
Much needed today😢
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