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March 17, 2016, 12:00 AM

Smelling God....

Every Thursday at noon I have the joy of meeting with my Franklin United Methodist colleagues for lunch. During this time together we share the joys and the struggles of life and ministry, and then spend a few minutes praying for each other. Last week I shared the current state of my battle with spinal stenosis. It has been a rough few weeks filled with increasing amounts of pain and mobility challenges. In response to what I shared, my friend Gary asked if he could anoint me and pray. I gratefully said, “Absolutely!” So Gary opened his anointing oil and placed the sign of the cross on my forehead. Then my sister and brothers placed their hands on my head and prayed for God’s healing, strength and grace to touch my body. After praying for other needs, we each went our separate ways.


I went back to the church and as I got out of the car, I caught a whiff of the anointing oil still on my forehead. Immediately I was back in the prayer circle with my colleagues praying for me. I walked into my office and took off my coat, and the whole thing happened again. A short time later I walked into Amy’s office and yet again the aroma of prayers lifted surrounded me. This experience occurred several more times through the afternoon and into the evening. Each time I was reminded of God’s presence with me, that God cared for me, and that I was not alone on the journey – colleagues – sisters and brothers in Christ – were praying for me.


Can I suggest a real benefit of consistency in practicing the means of grace is a similar thing to my experience with the anointing oil? We don’t worship and pray and read scripture and serve others with others and practice generosity because some pastor somewhere told us we should. We don’t do those things to earn God’s presence and care for us. We engage those practices because they open the doors of our spirits so that God’s grace can flood into our lives. As a result, a scripture verse read in the morning, or a song sung during choir or praise team rehearsal, or the lingering words of a prayer offered on our behalf – they stay with us longer than a moment, like the fragrance of anointing oil on one’s forehead. Each time the verse or the song or the prayer surfaces during the day they bring with them reminders of God’s presence and care, and the fact that we are not alone on the journey. How often in your life has one day been a struggle because you neglected your time with God, while the next day has had strength and peace and calm of spirit because you took the time to open your spirit to God’s Spirit?


Think on these things, and remember…


Keep Lookin’ Up!
Pastor D.


03-20-2016 at 5:12 PM
Tish Way
How true it is that these simple things, a song, a prayer, a fragrance, a verse and others, bring us the reminder of God's presence with each minute of each day which we sometimes tend to forget in our daily busy world. These precious moments during the day are refreshing and are to be enjoyed. Thank you for this reminder, David.
03-17-2016 at 10:00 PM
Carolyn Bashore
Beautiful!! Thanks!!
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